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Animal Keeper
Behind the Scenes Tours

Go "Behind-the-Scenes" at the Desert Museum. Take a tour designed for inquisitive individuals seeking more in-depth experiences. Select a tour to suit your individual interests or plan to experience all of them!

Reptiles, Amphibians and Invertebrates Tour

On this behind-the-scenes tour, you'll learn more about the snakes, lizards, frogs, toads, spiders and other insects that call this desert home. Learn about species unique to this region, many of which are venomous and often misunderstood! More details.

Offered Wednesdays only

Purchase tickets online.

Zookeeper for a Day

If you're fascinated with the world of animals, this is your opportunity to walk a mile in a zookeeper's boots. Go behind the scenes with a Keeper and learn about the awesome responsibilities involved with caring for the animals at the Museum. More details.

Offered every other Saturday

Purchase tickets online.

Walk on the Wild Side

Take a closer look at the amazing desert dwelling animals of the Sonoran Desert. You'll go behind the scenes with a Mammalogy and Ornithology Keeper who will guide you through a variety of desert habitats. More details.

Offered Thursdays only

Purchase tickets online.

Warden Aquarium Private Tours

This is your opportunity to go behind-the-scenes with an expert and explore the biodiversity of this region. There are two galleries to explore: one featuring freshwater river species, many of which are endangered, and one featuring salt-water species living in the Gulf of California. You'll learn about the Museum's aquatic conservation efforts. You will also learn about how the aquarium functions and how keepers care for the animals. More details.

Offered Tuesdays and Saturdays

Purchase tickets online..

Winged Wonders (Hummingbird Tour)

Go behind the scenes to learn about these flying jewels that consistently capture birdwatchers' hearts with their tiny size, daredevil maneuvers and iridescent coloring. Enjoy a leisurely stroll with a Keeper before the Museum opens to the public. More details.

Offered Mondays-Thursdays

Purchase tickets online.

The Wine Travel Card - 2015 Arizona Edition

We are proud to be a member destination within the 2015 Arizona Wine Travel Card. This card offers "exclusive" discounts at 55+ of Arizona's top wineries and destinations. It's a must have for any wine and travel lover!

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The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, as one of the attractions participating in the Wine Travel Card program, offers a discount on Behind the Scenes Tours.