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Docent Tours and Demonstrations

Bird Walk 7:30 a.m. (Mar-Sept)
8:30 a.m. (Oct-Feb)
Desert Discovery Tours 8:30 a.m. & 9:30 a.m. (May-Sept)
10:30 a.m. & 1:00 p.m. (Oct-Apr)
(Excluding Nov 24-27, and Dec 23-Jan 1)
Live Animal Interpretation Varies throughout the morning hours
Interpretive Demonstrations Varies throughout the day

(Bird Walks and Tours are contingent on docent availability and may not be conducted every day.)

Complimentary Daily Tours

Bird Walk

With over half the bird species in North America found here, southeastern Arizona is a birding hotspot for bird watchers from around the world. On this walk, you'll be introduced to many local native species like verdin, cactus wrens, Gila woodpeckers, curved-billed thrashers, Gambel's quail and Costa's hummingbirds. You'll learn about migration, nesting behaviors and other facts about native birds. This is a great opportunity for experienced birders to add species to their life bird lists and for beginners to learn identification techniques. For Tucson newcomers, it's the perfect way to become familiar with their new avian neighbors. Binoculars recommended!

Desert Discovery Tour

Make the most of your visit with a personal guide who will introduce you to the wonders of the Sonoran Desert region, the lushest desert on Earth. During this tour you'll be introduced to the five seasons of the Sonoran Desert and the diversity of its ecosystems. Your guide will reveal some of the desert's interconnected relationships between geology, geography, climate, plants, animals and people.

Tours in Spanish / Tours en Español

The first Wednesday of the month, September through May, docents will not be available on grounds. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Schedule for Sunday December 9th, 2018

Change date:
Interpretations may be cancelled due to weather constraints or docent availability
Live Animal - Live Animal Interpretation
8:30am Raptor (M) Live Animal
Orientation Ramada
8:30am Bird Walk
Entrance Patio
8:30am Saguaro
Vista Ramada
9:00am Skulls
Mountain Woodland
9:00am Raptor (F) Live Animal
Orientation Ramada
9:30am Agave
Agave Garden
9:30am Saguaro
Vista Ramada
10:00am Mountain Lion
Mountain Woodland
10:00am Coyote
Desert Loop Trail
10:00am Tortoise / Turtle Live Animal
Orientation Ramada
10:00am Small Mammal (S) Live Animal
Hummingbird Table
10:30am Heron
Desert Grassland
10:30am Saguaro
Vista Ramada
11:00am Parrot Live Animal
11:00am Raptor (H) Live Animal
Pollination Gardens
11:00am Stingray Kit
Stingray Exhibit
11:00am Bears
Mountain Woodland
1:00pm Mountain Lion
Mountain Woodland
1:00pm Arthropod Live Animal
Orientation Ramada
1:00pm Tracks & Scat
Field Station
1:00pm Ethnobotany
People & Pollinators
1:00pm Snake Live Animal
R & I Room #1
1:00pm Saguaro
Vista Ramada
2:00pm Saguaro
Vista Ramada
2:00pm Javelina
Desert Loop Trail

Docent Videos!

The Museum's highly trained docents host a variety of presentations that take place throughout the grounds.


Docent Cynthia Reiners interprets agave plants, also called "Century Plants." Come and visit us and watch the rapidly-growing flower stalks for yourself.


Docent Jenny Coriglio interprets Barn Owls, found just about everywhere in the world. Come visit us and see our owls for yourself.


Docent Ken Clapp interprets an American Kestrel, the smallest falcon found in this area. Come and see our Kestrels "perch and pounce" for yourself


Docent Cindy Clapp interprets three of the many species of scorpion found in the Sonoran Desert. Come and learn scorpion safety tips for yourself.


A Sonoran desert tortoise is interpreted by one of our knowledgeable docents. Come and see if you can spot one for yourself.

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