Research in the Sierra Madre Occidental of Eastern Sonora, Mexico:

Gallery of New and Endemic Plants of Yécora

Photos by T.R. Van Devender unless otherwise credited

Agua Amarilla is the type locality for a new terrestrial spider lily (Hymenocallis clivorum). Uncharacteristically for spider lilies, this species grows on steep dry hillsides; it flowers with the summer rains. Photo: Mark Dimmitt

The Pima spider lily (Hymenocallis pimana) is abundant on dry slopes, flowering in July. Photo: R. L. Bellsey.

A new species of deer vetch in the Yécora area (Lotus sp. nov.)

A new locoweed (Astragalus sp. nov.)

Yécora spike rush (Eleocharis yecorensis). Inset: P. Merlin.

Bare areas are the habitat of a number of rare and endemic species. This one is habitat of Menodora yecorana. Photo: R.L. Bellsey

Bare area in the dry season. Inset: During the rainy season one can find Mammillaria saboae var. haudeana, Pectis vandevenderi (smaller composite), Tridax yecorana (larger composite), and Sedum vinicolor (white flowers and reddish fruits). The first three are endemic to the Municipio de Yécora.

Portulaca yecorensis

Menodora yecorana

Flame flower (Talinum marginatum). Photo: R.L. Bellsey

Sphagnum palustre bog. See the Cienega de Camilo report. Photo: G.M. Ferguson


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