Research and Conservation in Southern Sonora, Mexico

Bletia purpurea (quiqui)

Bletia purpurea in southern Sonora. Photo: Erik F. Enderson

Description: A terrestrial orchid with 2-inch pseudobulbs that are often exposed on the surface. Young pseudobulbs support a pair of large plicate leaves during the growing season. The exposed pseudobulbs and the TDF habitat are reasons we include this species among the tropical orchids despite that it is not epiphytic. Other species in this genus are treated in the terrestrial orchid page.

A fairly common orchid in wet soils on canyon bottoms. The inch-wide light lavender flowers on three-foot tall inflorescences bloom over a long period in spring and summer. The species extends from Sonora and Florida to South America and the Caribbean islands.





Left and above: Bletia purpurea from southern Sonora in cultivation. Photos: Mark Dimmitt


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