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September 2017
23 Plant Sale 2017 - Members Day

Fall is the perfect time for upgrading your home landscape with new or replacement plants. Museum members get "first dibs" on the best selection of plants the day before the public sale. Shop early, get advice from the region's #1 botany experts, and receive a 10% discount on your purchases.
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7 Coati Kids Club Members Meeting

Versatile Venom:
What do Gila Monsters, rattlesnakes, scorpions, spiders, centipedes, and stingrays all have in common? They produce and use venom. We’ll discover the many different ways that animals (and people!) employ venom and go behind the scenes with Museum experts to meet some of these venomous creatures up close.

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19 Coati Pups Preschool Program

Black and White
Many desert animals have colors that help them blend in to the tan of the desert. But some are boldly black and/or white. Meet some of these flashy desert denizens and discover the reasons for their distinct colors.

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21 Girl Scouts Sonoran Naturalists Badge Day

Girl Scouts and adult leaders visit stations (some led by Docents/Jr. Docents, other stand-alone) around grounds to earn their naturalist badges. Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona staff meets the girls on the front entrance patio, gives them their activity booklets, and gets them their badges when they are complete.
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3 Day of the Dead Celebration

A new evening event inspired by the Dia de los Muertos tradition of Mexico and Latin America, which honors and celebrates ancestors and loved ones who have passed. Details forthcoming.

16 Coati Pups Preschool Program

Creature Coverings
Feathers, fur, scales, and more: we’ve got them covered! Find out how animals’ coverings help them survive and thrive in our desert.

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18 Coati Kids Club Members Meeting

Animal Architects:
Animals employ a variety of building and engineering methods to create their dwellings. We’ll examine some of these diverse structures and uncover what these constructions do for their makers.

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