Archives 2002:Song-writing with Patty Horn

Febrary 9, 2002
The first activity of 2002 was a song-writing session with the incomparable Patty Horn. The Kids warmed up by singing songs they knew. Then Patty explained how she writes a song about the desert and its inhabitants.

First, Patty and the Kids made a list of ideas about coatis, how they look, things they do, and so on. Everyone contributed to what they knew about coatis and suggested what should be included in the song. Patty wrote down all the ideas and then when the song writers needed lines for the song, they consulted that list.

Then it was time to make instruments so they could play their new song along with Patty and her guitar. Once the tambourine-type instruments were completed, the ensemble got together to play their coati song as a troupe. It sounded great! Here is how it went:

The Coatimundi Song
Lyrics by Coati Kids Club, Music by Patty Horn

My name's Coatimundi of the raccoon family
I live in Arizona, it's the place to be
I love the mountain forests where there're lots of trees
In canyons near the water, you're sure to find me

Verse 1:
I'm active in the morning and the evening too
I travel with my friends, maybe 42
We raise our tails up high when we move around
But when we're feeling scared, our tails go down


Verse 2:
When I'm in the desert this is what I eat:
Eggs and plants and insects, they're really a treat
But if I came to your house, my favorite thing
Would be the cucarachas crawlin' out of your drain!


Verse 3:
I'd like to entertain you, I'm certainly a clown
I'll be an acrobat climbing high above the ground
I'm playful and intelligent, can learn a lot
Though called a "desert monkey," I'm really not!

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