Earth Day Poetry Winners: 2021


1st Place: Levi Vero Gage, The Scorpion and the Roadrunner
2nd Place: Jazlynn Bush, The Ballerina
3rd Place (tied): Zelda Rodriguez, Javelina
3rd Place (tied): Aiden Duff, The Hunt
HM: Noel Armenta, Animals in the Sonoran Desert
HM: Yi Yi Jorden Spitz, Fox

Grade 1

1st Place (tied), Overall Winner (tied): August Smith, The Desert Wind
1st Place (tied): Frances Herrera, The Desert
2nd Place (tied): Everett Lane, The Bunny that Lived
2nd Place (tied): Ivy Schooley, Bat
3rd Place (tied): Sam Embacher, Weather
3rd Place (tied): Chase Tenney, Puma
HM: Brayden Rickert, Birds
HM: Yian Suero, Spiders
HM: Layah King, Fall
HM: Kevin Runge, Leaves
HM: Muhammed Dumwe, Desert Snakes
HM: Elaina Duarte, Plants, The Montessori Schoolhouse

Grade 2

1st Place: Theresa Veloso, The Gila Monster
2nd Place (tied): Zahra Rafiyath, The Desert Night
2nd Place (tied): James Knapp, The Cactus
3rd Place: Jesús Silvas, Snowy Day in the Desert
HM: Camila Guerra, The Cottontail
HM: Tegan Kwan-Daley, Sonoran Desert Life
HM: Manuel Valles, Snowy Day in the Desert
HM: Jacob Fernandez, Snowy Day in the Desert
HM: Jacob Salcinovic, A Star in the Sky
HM: Gabriel Navarro, Snowy Day in the Desert
HM: Adrian Moreno, Snowy Day in the Desert
HM: Abigail Clawson, A Day in the Desert
HM: Alana Stein, Welcome to the Desert
HM: Amelia Lannigan, My Feelings for the Desert
HM: Linette Martinez, Snowy Day in the Desert

Grade 3

1st Place, Overall Winner (tied): Melina Duff, Hawks
2nd Place: Sophia Clarke, The Desert
3rd Place: Lexie Ollerton, The Monsoon
HM: Jackson Loomis, Bobcats
HM: Victoria Darling, Desert
HM: Ethan Ullman, Monsoon
HM: Myka Mirock, The Mountain Lion
HM: Aiden A Estrada, About the Monsoon
HM: Angelyn Diaz, Cottontail
HM: Logan Booth, The Desert
HM: Madyson Dillingham, My Hike
HM: Madison Manjarres, Wildlife in the Sonoran Desert
HM: Adelyn (Addy) Woodson, My journey through the desert
HM: Miya Hale, Desert Saguaro

Grade 4

1st Place: Jaime DelaRosa, The Road
2nd Place: Madeline Steinmeyer, Monsoon Poem
3rd Place: Gregorio Davila, Desert Earth Poem
HM: Emily Moreno-Pon, My Nature Poem
HM: Lynneah Maskey, Monsoon
HM: Sylvia Himmelhuber, I, Saguaro
HM: Jorge Rubio Pasos, Cholla
HM: Amaiyah Castillo, As the Wind Whistled
HM: Brianna Zendrian, The grey fox
HM: Brooklyn Johnson, Prickly Pear
HM: Sophie Torres, Desert Rat
HM: Joshua Juan, Who Am I?
HM: Victoria Lopez, Rattle Snake
HM: Pedro Pena, Dangerous Coyotes

Grade 5

1st Place (tied), Overall Winner: Janis Gypsy Munger, The Desert Chase
1st Place (tied): Isla Young, A Dog Abandoned in the Desert
2nd Place (tied): Braden Irwin, Desert spirits
2nd Place (tied): Elizabeth Carroll, Wonderful Wild
3rd Place: Emma Vendt, The Burrowing Owl
HM: Braden Irwin, (Sonoran Desert Days)
HM: Camdyn Soper, Who Am I?
HM: Jonah Burnett, Haiku
HM: Elizabeth Carroll, The Sandy Sonoran
HM: Oliver Armenta, Stingrays
HM: Alexis Samorano, Predators
HM: Leila Borst, The Place That Never Sleeps
HM: Jaelyn Foster, Desert Sand
HM: Nate Rothpletz, Desert Night
HM: Sky Tambor Wright, Graceful Bobcat
HM: Arjan Khalsa, Javelinas
HM: Izzy Ramirez-Neilson, Sonoran Desert Acrostic Poem
HM: Joseph Alva, Rain the source to life
HM: Luci McKisson, Desert Animals
HM: Mikayen Z. Devlin, Sand
HM: Lucy Lowe, Desert Sounds

Grade 6

1st Place: Laszlo Thomas, The Falcon
2nd Place: Lucy Mayberry, The Leader of the Desert
3rd Place: Alina Rudnitsky, Comfort in the Desert
HM: Max Elliott, Paint Pallet
HM: Jack Peterson, Saguaro Cactus
HM: Lily De La Rosa, The Rattler
HM: Ruben Montano Renden, untitled
HM: Kaitlyn Livingston, The Rattle in the Distance
HM: Penelope Ashbeck, Desert Cactus
HM: Nicholas Cormode, Silence
HM: Allison Bolle, Cracks
HM: Adeline Zamorano, The Will of the Rattlesnake

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