Earth Day Poetry Winners: 2016


1st: Kilee Martinez, A Rock
2nd: Henry Beal, The Saguaro
3rd: Keira Goldkuhl, Turtle
HM: Majuma Dumwe, Roadrunner
HM: Nathaniel Rothpletz, Gila Monster
HM: Siena Carr, Rattle Snakes are Dangerous
HM: Kiley Balonier, Prickly Pear Fruit
HM: Paige Naegle, A Wash
HM: Samuel Robbins, Coyote
HM: Brianna Abalos, Sneaky Coyote

Grade 1

1st: Zeke Clinkingbeard, Pepsis Wasp: A Tarantula Hawk Wasp Story
2nd: Lincoln Maskey, Slithering Snake
3rd (tied): Salat Dumwe, The Storm
3rd (tied): Max Elliot, The Monsoon
HM: Kenzly Pond, Arizona Desert
HM: Xander Woodworth, Bat
HM: Kendall Matchett, Yeah Saguaro!
HM: Jayci Nelson, Sights in the Desert
HM: Keaton Riddle, About the Mountain Lion
HM: Zane Miller, Saguaro Cactus
HM: Dante M. Francois, A Hawk in the Desert
HM: Sara Sorce, Raining
HM: Ontario Jack, A Saguaro
HM: Alexis Suarez, Flower

Grade 2

1st (tied overall winner): Aryana Clinkingbeard, The Queen of the Night: The Night Blooming Cereus
2nd: Jezekiel Gonzalez, Desert Sentinel
3rd: Nevaeh Douglas, The Sonoran Desert
HM: Maya Barnes, The Desert Monsoon
HM: Gavin Peña, Desert Colors
HM: Delaney Mikkelson, The Shadow of Moonlight
HM: Mason Valencia, My Home
HM: Lydia Reimann, Hummingbird
HM: Elias Erroa, The Desert
HM: Irie Hutton, Tortoise
HM: Danica Vimmerstedt, Desert
HM: Adelina Balonier, Desert Animals
HM: Izzy Benson, Coyotes Howl
HM: Laura Cardoza, Coyote

Grade 3

1st (tied overall winner): Alex Gutierrez, O’clock
2nd (tied): Solomon Clinkingbeard, Sonorasaurus
2nd (tied): Kyle Tiffin, The Dancing Saguaro
3rd (tied): Addyson Keeling, A Summer Rain Storm
3rd (tied): Taylor Trausch, My Desert Life
HM: Abigail Marquardt, Desert
HM: Karyssa Duarte, Desert Fun
HM: Solomon Saxton, Water
HM: Gianna Altamirano, Lunch in the Desert
HM: Ainsley Coffey, Saguaro
HM: Clara McNaughton, Peaceful Desert
HM: Anyssa Rodriguez, Lizard
HM: Violeta Fernandez, Gambel’s Night
HM: Madeline Betz, Prickly Pear Fruit
HM: Nohemy Espinoza, Things I Like about the Tree
HM: William Crandell, Magical Monsoon
HM: Gianna Altamirano, Hey, Mr. Rattlesnake!
HM: Jolee Nelson, In the Desert

Grade 4

1st (overall winner): Amara Strange, Dream On
2nd (tied): Nehemiah Fontes, Time to Eat
2nd (tied): Kendall Scott, The Waiting Wolf
3rd: Dominique Martinez-Stockstill, In the Moonlight
HM: Ava Boxley, Rain in the Desert
HM: Kylor Pond, ARIZONA, A Desert Acrostic
HM: Jimmy Parmar, Mountain Lion
HM: Caitlin Hirabayashi, Sunset
HM: Claudia Steller, Out in Nature
HM: Garrett Maskey, Snake
HM: Nathan Roy, The Lizard’s Day
HM: Hailee Yarbrough, Life of a Gila Monster
HM: Ethan Turner, Cactus
HM: Michael Arias, Jack Rabbit
HM: Shawn Moynihan, The Curious Desert
HM: Ivanna Rodriguez, The Sonora Desert
HM: Brooke Chipman, The Bobcat
HM: Riley Blute, Rain

Grade 5

1st (tied): Freja E. Jensen, The Monsoon
1st (tied): Xander Clinkingbeard, Saving the Desert’s Dark Skies
2nd: Crockett Dennis, Monsoons
3rd (tied): Tierra DeMont, A Bright Morning in the Catalinas
3rd (tied): Maia Stark, A Rainbow of Desert
HM: Maya Azul de la Huerta-Kainz, Thunderstorm
HM: Diana Marker, Sunrise to Sunset
HM: Morgan Bailey, Monsoon
HM: Julia Keefer, Coloring the Sonoran Desert
HM: Abigail Denton, A New World
HM: Olivia Ferrell, The Moments
HM: Michelle Asher, Monsoon
HM: Elliot Kim, Desert Beauty
HM: Grace Olsen, Desert Rain
HM: Alexandria Amador, My Beautiful Sonoran Desert

Grade 6

1st: Roman Nasif, The Waiting Snake
2nd: Erika Vargas, Sunset
3rd (tied): Erika Vargas, My Favorite Place
3rd (tied): Hannah Shoffner, The Hottest Place
HM: John Sax, Golden Streak
HM: Adriel Perales-Valencia, Turkey Vulture
HM: Penélope Monroy, Palo Verde
HM: Margaux M. Kenney, Is this the Sonoran Desert?
HM: Noelle Lara, The Desert Kufe

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