Ulises's Story

Hey! This is Ulises Chavira from earth Camp HS2010. Earth Camp has encourage me to take Navy showers to help save the ecosystem. A navy shower is taking a bath in less than 3 minutes. So my  commitment of the end this program is to take navy showers less than 3 minutes long. Also this will help my family with the water bill. So I encourage YOU to be part of our leadership program and to take navy showers.

This is Day 3. Day 3 was when we slept on and wake up in Canyon De Chelly. This adventure was really hard. We woke up at 4:00 am and ate some granola bars. This was a tiring hike, we had to hike up hill. We took about one hour and half to get everyone up there. It was me, Luis, Derek, Jesse and Joseph who were rushing to get on the top of the hill first.  After we all finished the hike we went to Moab, Utah. When we arrive there we took the Moab Adventure Bus. The bus took us to Burger King and ate some lunch. After everyone finished we went straight to the river. When we arrived, the wildlife of mosquitos was waiting for us. Many of my friends were attack while we were asleep on the cabin. This was the adventure of Day 3.