Giovanni's Story

 What I want to do to in order to live in harmony with the natural world is to make a forum web site where people can post things that they have done to live in harmony with the natural world or the things they see that need to be fixed.By using this website people would be able to post things that they see that are not eco-friendly. You don’t have to be going around the city actually looking for things. All you have to do is be driving along and just see something like maybe the bank has theie sprinklers on while it is day time which some of the water gets evaporated which you can actually save water by watering at night. Or maybe you could be walking and you see Mcdonalds spraying there sprinklers in the gutter and they’re missing the grass then you can post it on the forum and either I can e mail them or they could email them so we could help save water and many more things.