Celeste's Story

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As As an earth camper people expect me to learn A LOT of new stuff. And it’s true, I did learn a lot of new things. So many in fact, it would take me all day to write each and every one of them, And take you, the reader, one week to read every single one of them. And nither of us has a fraction of the attention span to do either. So I’ll narrow it down to the most important thing so it’ll be easier one both of us. ;)

Now, I’d like to grasp your imagination till the end of this paper. I’d like you to visualize what I’m about to tell you. Now every one knows that there is more water here on earth than land (if you didn’t now YOU learned something new,) The percent of water on earth is 71%. And of that 71%, 97% is salt water which we shouldn’t drink. So that leaves us a measly 3% of fresh water out of all the water. Now of that 3%, 80% is frozen in glaciers and ice caps again, we can’t drink that. So now we have only get .6% of fresh water in the entire WORLD. Think about that. Done? Now add this to your imagination, because fresh water contains viruses the government wont let us drink it. So once it’s filtered, and cleaned, all we have is .oo3% of potable water from the ENTIRE WORLD. Makes you want to conserve water, huh? Did to me.

The moment I wrapped my head around that, I got hooked, and started thinking, “ O I would dearly like to be a leader for a shared planet, but what can I do to make a difference in this big world that I am in? “ Well because Earth Camp is all about helping the environment I found a way . Bikes. That’s right, bikes.

To me cars give out so much pollution it not even funny. You can go any where a car can and more with bikes, and at the same time you get your daily exercise. I personaly have a awesome bike with all the gears, brakes, everything. But nothing lasts forever right? So I know a AWSOME, RAD, TRIPED OUT place for bikes called BICAS, so you can take classes, build, get a new bike, rentals, they even have a bike-in theater, I kid you not. So I can take my busted up bike and get it as good as new. And the best part is, the bike parts that they get donated and are beyond repair they turn it into… guess. Ok they turn it into ART!!! Yea!! The first thing you see is bike art and murals, even the gate to it is bike art. So I’m going to go there and get a extension for my bike and a basket, and a platform. This is all so I can carry groceries, people, books, and what ever I need. So I hope you liked my report and hope you try to be a leader for a shared planet.