Maxwell's Story

Here at earth camp we have learned to be better leaders for a shared planet. To become one we all chose a certain thing to do. The one thing I'm going to do is I'm going to try and convince my mom and dad to start carpooling with people from their work instead of wasting gas that is almost $4 a gallon. Also, if people carpool they can help reduce the pollution such as Carbon dioxide and other pollutants that are caused by the exhaust pipe. The thing in earth camp that made me think of carpooling was the video that we saw on the first day at camp cooper called "The Story of Stuff" that talked about how our consumption affects the environment. I'm going to also try and get my sister to also try to carpool with me on her way to school. Thats what I'll do as a leader for a shared planet.

I have had many amazing things happen to me on this trip.One of those things was getting to go to mexico and getting to go snorkeling in a new location. my favorite part about this was getting to see all of the different under water life for a first time. My favorite animal on this trip I saw during snorkeling was probably the brittle sea star. Also I saw these little tiny silver fish that were retarded and didn't really know how to swim. That's one of the things in earth camp that I really liked.

Another thing I really liked were the Pelicans. They are my favorit type of bird. I thought they were amazing because I like how they catch the fish. They dive down and catch there fish under the water. This was my most amazing because they were catching the fish almost every time we saw them

The food and meals were good here. Almost every one loved it except the vegetarians. We mostly ate mexican food. The best was at Rancho El Panasco.

another thing about earth camp was the living quarters. we slept in many places but my favorite was the UofA dorm rooms where we got to sleep with air conditioning. but we also slept in many other places like on the desert floor under the stars, on the roof of the research center, on the beach and in some SWEET! condos!