Alex_H's Story

One of the things that impacted me is when the first day of Earth Camp started, we were all excited and nervous, and Amy our main leader was explaining all what was going to happen and she said that we could not produce any more waste , so I was thinking that it could be impossible to do that, so time went on and I started seeing that it could be possible to live with no trash in the planet and that we could live longer with less diseases and more health. So that is why I am not going to use any plastic or paper and recycle, for example separate the glass and plastic. Also nobody in my house recycles paper , plastic, plastic bags or paper napkins, so this time in my house we will make it happen and we will use canvas bags and cloth napkins when we eat. Because cloth napkins can be washed every 3 or 4 days, and that way we can reduce our garbage.

OOOOHHH!!! man!!!!
We had so much fun, I met new friends it was awesome and cool, but I met some one very special. He is the cool one and funny one. His name is Lafon but his nickname is la fonda wich means a small restaurat in spanish, he is from Maryland. When I got to meet him was in Mexico and I did not really think that he would like mexican food but he really did and since that day we are friends. I also met Maxwell, he is pretty funny too, he is from Tucson AZ and he went to the same school I did but I did not know him. We 3 like to joke alot and laugh about almost everything mostly when we drank !!Horchata!! that is our favorite mexican drink.

Well I had so much fun this year, I want to come next year and I hope to see every body next year. see you later aligator!