Zoe's Story

Hi my name is Zoe, and I’m a part of earth camp and enjoying every moment of it. At earth camp the first day at lunch Amy said that we were going to be composting our food every day at lunch and recycling our paper. Before Earth Camp I did not have any clue what composting was, but now I am very much a supporter of it. By composting we are not puting all that food in our landfills. Instead we are making it into food for our plants.

I have always loved the earth and I never knew how much the planet was in pain. This camp has made me want to do more to help every one understaned more about ways thay can they can help save the planet. This experience has compelled me to raise awareness. I am going to hang posters on the posterboard in my community that gives information on recycling and composting. That also tell the benefets of it. Because most people in my neighborhood do not have recycling bins I am going to include the number of the people they can call to get a recycling bin.

Going to this camp has been an eye opening exerience. I have met so many new people and had so much fun learning about the earth. I can not say how much I have enjoyed this. You will have to experience it to believe it. SAVE THE PLANET !!!!!!!!

One of the most memorible  moment of this camp was the first day. The reson it was so memorable was because at first  I was so nervous but even though everyone else felf the same thay were so nice and  inviting. I was not sure I was up for this challenge, untill we started to learn about animals and the importance of water.  

One other thing that I remember the most is when we camped at Mt. Lemmon. The thing that made it so memorable is that we had so much fun. We got to cook for our parents or gaurdians and an awesome story teller came and told us some funny and important stories. We all worked together to pitch our tents before bed and we were triumphant in our efforts. We really learned to work as a team. It took alot to fit in that large pair of pink underwear. We had to work together to make it and we did.

Another thing that I have to share is when we all were in the classroom making our own missions to mars. We were in our color groups and my group was the one that got chose to get sponsered if the missions were real. The reason why we won was because we worked as a group. Most importantly we had fun at it. Our design was based on the welfare of the planet.

The last thing that I want to share is that this camp has made me think about the more important things in life. It gave me something that makes me happy. My mom is must likely happy for me that I tried something new. I Know she is waching me blossom from heaven.