Nathaniel_B's Story

Hi everybody :) and the green lovers <3. The sweet water treatment plant inspired me to conserve energy because they used methane to power their plant. They turned the waste into something beneficial for the people of the WORLD!!!!! Also I learned that in California, they use cow manure (POOP) to make lots of energy and power.

My experience at Earth Camp was amazing, what I learned was that my family and I use too much electricity in my house and when we are not using power in the house we still are by leaving the lights and other instruments in the house on, so that’s more money for my parents to pay on the electricity bill. I will save the power in my house by changing my flat light bulbs to the cool SHINY swirly bulbs because, the cool SHINY bulbs conserve more energy and use less energy to light the house up. Also another thing I can do is that I can take out plugs which use up energy even if you’re not using the material. Also flourescent bulbs are four to six times more efficient. To save energy use efficient compact bulbs also, it will save you $30 over the life of the bulb.

The very first day I arrived at Earth Camp I didn’t really didn’t know anyone but when people started talking to me I knew them and they knew me a lot more. The very first person that I really knew was Enrique because he has been mi amigo since kindergarten but we haven’t seen each other since seventh grade, but I guess we meet again and also I meet eight beautiful and amazing girls who are Estrella, Paulina, Sonora, Amy, Zoe, Alejandra, and Holly. Also of the guys I met some very cool and funny guys who are now my friends and they are Mitchell, Tyler, Jason, Ian, Angel, Guillermo, and Kevin. Even when I’m not near my MOMMY Amy is like my MOMMY during Earth Camp and when I’m not near my baby sis Sonora is like my sweet little devil sister. When I’m with my group the RED GROUP!!! I feel like a family with them and I’m really going to miss my small little familia who are Robert, Justin, Alejandra, and me =,(.

Hi again everybody :) i want to tell you about the fun campouts that we have had first there was the sonoran desert which was fun because we got to harvest sagauro fruit and we made it into taste syrup which was yumyumyum!!! and the seeds we made it into hard seed treats and the person that helped us do this was a cool guy named JESUS and Jesus, if you're reading this you are really cool and your an awesome drawer thank you very much for the fun night last monday and we all thank you.  Also our campout on Mt.Lemmon was cooooollll too we were able to cook for the parents and my freinds here at Earth Camp were awesome cooks they made delicious quesadillas and also Mitchell made a really good cheese crisp. Also we played (BIG BOOTY-BIG BOOTY) which was fun and Estrella was BIG BOOTY for a long time which meant she was really good and we also heard some amazing stories and I got to admit that the stories were really good. One last thing is that we got to learn to trust each other rather then hate each other by creating a human ladder and people were to walk on the ladder trusting our new freinds and we also used team work to fit into a big pair of underwear and to put up a tent.

The people reading this will laugh ther pants or shorts off because THESE are the funniest moments of Earth Camp. First of all, is at night when we were camping out at Mt.Lemmon, I was in a tent with my two buds Tyler and Mitchell.  Well when we were talking I was closest to the forest, Mitchell was in the middle and Tyler was closer to the camp site.  Shawn, another buddy of mine, was throwing pinecones on the pine needles which makes noises like a bear walking on them so he kept doing that and when he kept doing that I would jump from one side of the tent to the other side without knowing how I did it! But Mitchell and I were really freaked out and when Tyler was about to look outside he heard the noise because he didn't believe me, he jumped between me and Mitchell and put himself in a ball so he wanted me or Mitchell to look outside but we were to scared to do it - so Tyler had to do it.

Another funny moment was people putting the big undies on me giving me a wedgie and putting it over my head and people started laughing because i had a big wedgie. Another funny moment was Amy's crazy dancing in the car while we were waiting for the rest of the campers to load into the other car so we could drive off.  If you don't believe me ask everybody that was in her van or even ask her yourself.

Also when we were at the Sonora Desert Museum, I went in a group with Tyler we were in the exhibit called Life on the Rocks, we were walking by and we saw a life like huge spider and the three of us jumped up and FREAKED out man!

This last slide is for everybody here at Earth Camp. This slide is especially for you - my freinds from Earth Camp - you guys have made my Summer an awesome one, you guys have made me the happiest kid in the world and I don't want to make you guys cry - but while i was making this specific section I cried because I'm really gunna miss you guys you have been really fun to hang around with we have had fun with each other these past two weeks. Amy, Sonora, Tyler, Holly, and Eric you guys made me really happy - this was the first time i ever went to a camp in my life and the first time i ever went to camp you guys really made this a real fun experience.

 Also i want to tell the girls that they are all funny, sweet, nice, amazing, and beautiful. The guys - I want to tell you that you guys were awesome to hang out with, funny, you guys really helped me my personality back. Also everybody here at Earth Camp even the parents are the coolest people I've ever met. I'm really gunna miss you guys because you guys are like a family to me I LOVE ALL OF YOU GUYS you guys are the best people I've ever met. This was Laural Clark's Camp and we all miss Laural very much. BYE......... :(