group1's Story

 What factors shape the environment (the Gulf of California)?

1) The gulf is a Maritime Desert. This means that it is surrounded by desert, and it is a desert.

2) The gulf is long and narrow, which is one of the things that create the large tides.

3) The gulf is divided into 3 sections: the upper gulf, the midriff islands (we were here), and the lower gulf.

Group 1, Question 2: What makes this environment (the GoC) unique?

1) The large tidal ranges, rivaled only by the Bay of Fundi and the Fjords of Scandinavia.

2) The large temperature ranges. Gulf temp. can be anywhere from 60 degrees to 90 degrees.

3) Incredible biodiversity, largely caused by cold, nutrient rich water fortifying the gulf.

What threatens the Gulf of California?

1) Over development. We are pushing back beaches and giving sea turtles less and less room to lay eggs.

2) Aquaculture and the destruction of mangroves and estuaries. Shrimp farms are taking over where estuaries are, and destroying them.

3) Loss of fresh water to the gulf because of diverted river water and evaporation.

4) Non-eco tourism, where people buy shark bones and shells that people killed to get.

5) Over fishing. Many species that used to live in the gulf are now gone due to over fishing.

What will a leader for a shared planet do to protect the Gulf?

To protect this environment, a leader for a shared planet will:

1) Clean up the ocean and the beach.

2) Eat seafood that you know is exclusively caught, with no bycatch (or unwanted catch.)