Tiffany's Story

I was most inspired by the water activity that Amy showed us. Out of the 71% of water that covers the earth, we have .003% water to use for ourselves. When I heard this I was shocked! I never knew that we had so little water to use. If I would have known that sooner I would have done something to change it. Right when I heard this I was eager to find  a way to help preserve the water. The first thing I did was check my shower flow to see how much water I was using every minute. I was using 2 gallons per minute. So, I asked Amy how to make my shower not take up so much water and she gave us new shower heads. In addition to that she gave us a 5 minute timer for our showers. I made my household use all the new stuff I got. Who knows how much water we having been saving so far? My brother even tries to beat the timer. Because of this experience I want to get the word out. To do that I’m going to first tell my family about it. Then, I want to talk to my Science teacher and put all this information in our school website and maybe even in our newspaper. Finally, I could talk to my office and ask them to make a mini Earth Camp at my school. With this program at my school we can preserve water, find ways to pollute less, and maybe even organize petitions for things we think are important for ourselves and the world around us. 

My most memorable moments were at the Arizona- Sonora Desert Museum. When I arrived I was kind of nervous but, with all the fun games Amy had us play I began to warm up to everyone. One game we played was "Have you ever?" At first, it was weird but it made me realize other kids had done some of the same things as me. It was also really fun to harvest saguaro fruit. With all the fruit that we harvested we made syrup and put it on our vanilla ice-cream. Later that night we went out with Jesus and searched for owls. To do this we had to walk around as quiet as we could. When we would stop Jesus would play a tape of a Western Screech Owl hooting. After awhile we could hear another owl and finally see him. He was so tiny and cute! After finding the owl we looked  for a scorpion. Using a black light we searched underneath bushes and cacti, and finally found one. It was so awesome! Under the black light the scorpion turned purple. When it got up to leave it looked bigger then I had thought. Then later that night we had to go to bed. We did not camp like most people I know. We camped under the beautiful stars. I had never done that before, so when we camped underneath the stars I never wanted it to end. The next day we had to go out into the desert not seeing anyone and wrote about our nature experience for 30 minutes. I enjoyed that so much I did not want to stop writing. My most memorable moments were at the ASDM.  

At Earth Camp I did not only learn about the Earth and the amazing features in it, I made amazing lifelong friends. Such as, Olivia, Sade, Sonora, Anna, Monique, Lafon, Juan, Matt, Katie, Ben and lots more. We all did fun games together, and set up tents together. One day after lunch we all ran into the elevators and raced up and down the elevators. It was so fun, to see who would make it to the top first.  Then at Mt. Lemmon we all had Pine Cone wars it was boys aganist girls. Of course the girls won.  It is going to be sad to see them all leave at the end. I’ll miss you guys.