Sade's Story

I was inspired the most when I had quiet time on Mt. Lemmon. When I just sat down to listen to nature and its power, I knew that I had to help change the world in some way. We have had quiet time two times so far and each time I thought of ways to help change the world we live in. Also I always thought that I drew terribly, but when I sat down and tried I found out I was not that bad. My sister always drew so good that when I put my drawing to hers I lost my confidence, until I finally tried on Monday on Mt. Lemmon. And now still I know that some have more talent then others, don’t give up. And now I’ll try to spend more time with nature when I go camping with my family this year. I will also try to help the environment with my friends and my family, by advertising to my school and to my community. To do this I will make posters, speeches and just spreading the word.

There were many funny things that happened at camp
and here are some of them:
One time Rachel, Isaac and Nic were late so they had to do tinkerbell, which is when you put your finger on your head and say something like this:
My name is Tinkerbell,
I do not remember well,
I lost my teddy bear,
I do not remember where.
 It was hilarious. And they also had to do Sizzling Bacon!
Another time was when Juan was sleeping we took a picture doing bunny ears.
There are other funny events but I would write FOREVER!   

During this camp I met lots of people such as Shelbi, Ciera, Sonora, Olivia, Rachel and Lafon. I found out that Sonora and I have a lot in common like, that both our little sisters are named Naomi and they both are nine years old, and Sonora and I have the same birthday. I really like meeting a lot of cool people with really cool qualities.

On  Friday we went to Brad Lancaster’s house to learn how to conserve water. He taught us many ways such as gray water, solar panels and car use. Gray water is reused water to water something else. He used solar panels to use sunlight and convert it to electricity so he wouldn’t waste money on your electric bills and it is more environmentaly friendly. When he mentioned that he didn’t use a car, I was surprised, but he explained that you don’t pollute the air with carbon dioxide and that you get in better shape. He was defiantly not one of the millions that hurt our earth each day and is a great leader to this earth.