Agustin's Story

I was most influenced by Brad Lancaster's house because he did so much and still lives according to his principles. Brad has published a book about harvesting rain water and teaches the community about his way. He lives solar and drinks rain water! He uses the sun to cook and he is very resourceful .He uses his washing machine to water his garden by pipes. I will start to compost more to save more energy from garbage trucks and less in the land-fill, and plant some cacti in my back yard to use the compost on. I will also add a low flow shower head to my shower.

My Mount Lemmon experience was SO exciting. At night I had the moon shining in on me. I was transfixed  by the beauty of the light. We had a native american story teller tell storys of wolves and crows. The way of life and creation. As all of these thoughts mixed I fell into a deep restful sleep.    

      When we went saguaro harvesting I had so much fun. I got to catch the fruit as they fell. I then relized that saguaro fruit can bounce up a foot or go SPLAT!!! I will always remember the stars at night. Like small fires in the sky. I will also remember the silence ,quiet and calm, silence.

      We got to go looking for rattlesnakes. We used a radio antenna to locate the rattlesnake which had a chip in it. We got very close to one but it was under a bush.So we went back inside and our guide showed us a rattlesnake. I think that it was very dangerous. Than he showed us a gila monster, which was awesome. 

           On the 3rd day Igot to see a ringtail. I loved it as soon as I saw it. It was a amazing animal. It had huge ears and a long tail. I loved it all.