Derek's Story

One of the most influential experiences I had to play around and me and some friends started to stick fight. Then we learned more about water and had to conserve water because we had limite water on the first campout. The second campout was at Mt.Lemon and it was fun fun fun.

Because of this experience, I have decided to make a change in my life to better live in harmony with the natual world. I will take a shower with less water and always use all the water and not waste any. I will also compost and use it to make the soil better to grow plants. To do that i will have a pot and put some soil in it and then put any leftover food into it and stir it up then leave it to sit. After i will pour it into the other soil where plants are growing and it will grow better and not waste any food.

During this camp alot happened like we went to Brad Lancaster's and saw what he did. He made his house using solar panals and using rainwater as well as graywater to water his plants. Then we also went to camp at Mt.Lemon and me and my friends had stick battles which were fun and explored the forest and wilderness.

Also during the camp we had alot of games to play that involve everyone and we had lots of fun doing that. We played a game where we threw water balls and also one where we tried to get through a spider web without touching it. Then we also played many games that included trust in each other. After the games we had many laughs and had fun!