Colette's Story

It's Colette! And I live in AZ. I made some good friends this year like Tanner, Katie, Melanie, Ashley, and Tim (Eric). I made more friends but I don't know if they would fit on this page,

Name: Colette Grade: 7th Age:11 Favorite Animal: Ethiopian Wolf Favorite Color: Lime
Tim is Laurel Clark's cousin.
Shh... All the boys had nicknames.

Salut! Je mapellle Colette! J'aime French prefere la Earth Camp!
The event that was the most influential was ,of course, the simulation of designing the rocket. Because of this event and to live in harmony with the natural world I might ( when I'm older ) design safer and more effective rockets. In the meantime, I will study the equipment that scientists use to build a rocket. I've always wanted to be an inventor and I'm good at building.

Shhh... I liked the Defenders of Wildlife, too! Craig Miller from the organization taught me a lot!

Twitter twitter, cheep cheep!
That's the forest's morning beat!
Buzz buzz, hum hum!
That's at midday sun!
Whipor whipor, coon coon!
Sung to the moon!

Okay, okay. I know that's not too good. I need practice!!

Stuff the boys did...
1) Make up stupid nicknames
2) Make annoying noises
3) Charocal grafitti
4) Play unpemitted pranks
The nicknames
Schmatt- Matt
Captain- Lindsey
Tim- Eric
Godzilla/Jet Li- Derek
You! (point)- Katie
Tibbs/Burrito Boy- Albert

The grafitti
"The Nose was here"