Tanner's Story

Name: Tanner DeBellis

Age: 12, going into 7th grade

Fav. Color: Purple

Fav. Animals: White Tiger,Orca Whale, and Lizards

Friends I made at Earth Camp: Colette, Melanie, Diana, Ashley, Katie, Ferzaneh, Kari, Tim ( Laurel's Cousin, Eric), Captain ( Lindsey), Gerardo, and Armando

Thing I enjoyed the most at Earth Camp: Camping out on Mt. Lemmon

In this pic, I'm this girl w/ the glasses, Colette is next to me. TIhe boy w/ the red shirt is Fernando, and the boy w/ the necklace is Gerardo!

One of the most influential experience had during Earth Camp was when I learned from Amy Orchard that .003% of the water on earth is potable(drinkable)! Did you know that that is a drop! Because of this I have decided to make some changes! I will now use a low flow showerhead, take shorter showers, use a low flow toilet, turn the water off when I'm brushing my teeth, and if the toilet water is yellow let it mellow(which I know is kind of disgusting).

The "Okay" Poem I Wrote
I sit upon a rock,
Wishing to unlock,
All the secrets of nature,
Like how do birds secure
A nest so strong?
Or how does a bee sing it's song,
Whizzing past memaking a buzz?
Maybe it's just because!
Really Annoying Sounds Boys Made
The boys are Matt, Christian, Gerardo, Fernando, Armando, and Derek
Melanie goes Kaaa-Kaaaa

This is my favorite picture I took! I love it!
Awesome Joke

There was a man who got stuck on a deserted island. He saw this lovely, beautiful light. He met a purple monk and asked him, "What is that spectacular light?!", and the monk says," I can't tell you, you're not a purple monk.", So the man(named Bob) studies for 20 years and becomes a purple monk. He goes back to the island, and the purple monk hands him a key, he climbs some stairs unlocks the door, and climbs some more stairs, goes back finds a key...etc. Finally he comes to the light, do you want to know what it is?

I can't tell you, you're not a purple monk!!!

Animals are really awesome, I got to see...

A ring-tailed lemur

A gopher snake

A barn owl

A rat snake

Some frogs

A gila monster

Songs That Boys Sang
Burn Baby Burn
Song That Never Ends
La Cuca Racha
Taco Burrito Nacho