Maggie's Story

One of the most influential experiences I had during Earth Camp was camping in the desert with no tent. It made me feel connected to everything. I felt like I could stay there forever, looking at the stars and feeling the cool, clear wind. I thought that I could not let things disappear when they didn't have to. I had to stop being lazy and apathetic and do something. Because of this experience, I have decided to make a change in my life to better live in harmony with the natural world. I want to change my lifestyle in three ways: 1. I will plant low water use, noninvasive, and native plants. I will obtain these plants by buying them from Desert Survivors, Native Seed Search, and harvesting seeds from different areas of the desert. I will read books to learn how to take care of them. I will eat any edible parts of plants I can to minimize my dependancy on corporate farming. 2. I plan to save water by installing gutters and using the harvested water to water my plants and my family's plants. I will save my money to buy these if my parents are reluctant to do so. I also will use greywater from my washing machine and, if possible, my dishwasher, to water plants as well. 3. I want to contact Defenders of Wildlife and work on jaguar preservation and extension of habitat to former range and/or work on conservation of little known canids such as the dhole. I plan to do this by educating people about these animals, writing petitions, and having boxes to raise money. I will accomplish my first two goals this summer. My third goal will be started this year.