Kari's Story


Bugs surround us; Smells excite us. We hear the low hum of bug and the fast chirp of birds; this is nature. I can't see a building; I can't hear a car, yet I know they're still there. I feal safe with my "Mother" the earth surrounding me with all her glory. I feel the tremble of the ground as a fast plaine flies overhead as i relise that i can't stay here forever and knowing I will need to go back soon ;so i charish the pure moments I have with nature. Nature is to good to skip by althow you see it evryday in many forms. As a quick lizard scampers by I hear Amy calling us; as I get up I relise that nature is home to humans and animals. As I leave i know I am home and so are they.

The most influential experience I had during Earth Camp was walking in the dried up wash. It scares me that we as tucsonans could be so careless as to waste almost all of our water. That is just proof that .003% of the earth's water is potable; just think, that little amount of water needs to take care of the entire human and animal population's water needs.

I also camped for the FIRST time ever!!!!!!!!!!

Because of Earth Camp I have decided to become a minimalist; this means that I won't take more than I can eat, won't use more water than I need (conserve water), I won't kill a tree to see its core, won't throw away useable goods, and won't bite off more than I can chew. I will use the minimum amount of resources to satisfy my needs.