More Praise and Reviews for A Natural History of the Sonoran Desert

"If I were forced to limit my southwestern library to one book, this would be it. In just under 600 pages, handsomely illustrated with color and black-and-white photographs, and prcise pen-and-ink drawings, 35 experts share their considerable knowledge of man and nature in the Sonoran Desert." - Southwest Books of the Year 2000 (top pick)

"An indispensable guide for any desert visitor. . . . It offers a complete look at Sonoran Desert ecology, with details on individual species and essays that bring the desert alive." - Sunset Magazine (January 2001)

"The award-winning text includes a calendar of natural events highlighting animal migrations, full moons, and the Sonoran Desert's awesome spring flower show." - Outside Magazine (January 2002)

"A Natural History of the Sonoran Desert is a monumental work, accessible to amateurs and professionals alike; it is a must for anyone planning to visit the deserts of southwestern United States.""--Environmental Practice (September 2001)

". . . immaculately produced. . . . Put together by the museum's exceptional academic and curatorial staff, Natural History is a storybook, a field guide, a lay geology, paleontology, and human ecology textbook, and a handy encyclopedia - and it reads as enjoyable as fiction." - The Americus Journal (Fall 2002)

"If I am exiled to a desert isle, I now have that proverbial one book to take along: A Natural History of the Sonoran Desert. . . . It's all here. It's like sitting on the patio with the best experts and having a private tutorial." - The Journal of Arizona History (Autumn 2001)

"Never before has a book appeared that so deserved a place on the bookshelf of every desert aficionado. . . . This book is destined to become the bible of Sonoran Desert nature literature." - The Desert Sun, Jim Cornett, Plam Springs Desert Museum (August 13, 2000)

"This compendium [is] destined to become the mandatory reference for the Sonoran Desert for years to come." - New Mexico magazine

". . . an authoritative introduction to the Sonoran Desert. . . . remarkably thorough . . . the one book on the Sonoran Desert I'd recommend to both novice and experienced naturalists." - Audubon Naturalist News, George Middendorf, Howard University (July 2000)

"This book is the next best thing to going there. . . . Thought the emphasis is on the well-known and often-seen organisms of the region, the depth of coverage of those organisms is remarkable for its completeness." - Choice, G. Stevens, University of New Mexico (September 2000)

"Everything the traveler, birdwatcher, hiker, student, desert-dweller and desert-lover will ever need to know about this region . . . is painstakingly presented in clear prose, maps and pictures." - Rocky Mountain News (August 6, 2000)

"This book is a long, long, love letter. . . . [It] tells you just about all you can think to ask about this lush and most beautiful of America's four deserts." - The Sonoran Quarterly (June 2000)

"A Natural History of the Sonoran Desert provides a collection of Sonoran Desert natural history information and is a pefect introduction to the most biologically rich desert in North America." - AZA Communique (March 2000)

"It is heartening to read a no-nonsense and comprehensive description of the natural history of the Sonoran Desert. . . . There is little missing in this book and much to recommend it." - Geotimes, Julio Betancourt, Desert Laboratory (October 2000)

"Exquisitly produced, richly illustrated . . . definitive account of this hot desert." - Taxon 49 (May 2000)

"Thirty experts contributed to this 628-page volume - the most complete collection of natural history available on this region." - Wildlife Conservation (June 2000)

"A Natural History will go with me on my next road trip west." - New Mexican (June 26, 2000)

"This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the natural history of the Sonoran and Mojave deserts . . . It would be an ideal text for a community college or undergraduate course on desert ecology." - Madrono, Matthew L. Brooks, USGS Western Ecological Research Center (Vol. 47, No. 1, pp. 68-69, 2000)

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