Packrat Playhouse Exhibit Guide

Volunteer Description:
Packrat Playhouse Exhibit Guide Volunteers will help facilitate informal learning in a dynamic family-driven play space inside the Arizona - Sonora Desert Museum's newest exhibit Packrat Playhouse.
Exhibit Guides will be able to engage in hands-on learning opportunities, assist staff, and gain experience in play-based education. In addition, Exhibit Guides will gain experience working with children of all age groups, grow their public speaking and interpretive skills, and get experience working in an non-tradional educational setting.
Applicants should have a passion for working with children in non-traditional and informal educational settings. A positive, upbeat attitude, high energy, and leadership skills desired. Applicants should be willing and comfortable to stand, bend and squat for the shift. Priority will be given to applicants with early childhood education and development background as well as a fingerprint clearance card. Bilingual candidates highly desired. If chosen, a background check will be conducted. Volunteer commitment is every other week for 5 months.
Current Openings:
Recruiting now for April 2018 - Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays for 3 hour shifts: 10am-1pm 11am-2pm or 1pm-4pm With a summer position Saturdays, 6pm-9pm during Cool Summer Nights events.